January 25, 2018

Our Practise


JC Pathak Legal is a leading law firm in Mumbai. JC Pathak Legal was established in 1996 by Advocate JC Pathak who is a BA LLB.  JC Pathak can be located in Virar and Vasai. This is a law firm where all the services related to law are provided.  Whether it is advising the companies on legal and financial matters of the infrastructure, banking, investment, manufacturing and marketing or providing legal services to corporate, government bodies and individuals across India in the fields of banking, insurance, corporate law, infrastructure, investment, intellectual property law & media laws, consumer protection, real estate, taxation and service laws.

Law firms in India are relatively small in size. A partnership firm can have maximum twenty partners as per the rules under The India’s Companies Act, 2013. The small-sized law firms have two to five partners maximum in their firm and approx. ten to thirty attorneys.  Thus, when we are dealing with Indian lawyers, the abilities, potential and time constraints of the individual lawyer invested should be taken into consideration rather than the size of the firm.

The firm efficiently handles all civil and criminal issues across various legal forums including the Supreme Court of India, State High Courts, DRT, DRAT, BIFR, AAIFR, District Courts, Consumer Fora, and Arbitration etc. We at J.C. Pathak Legal strive towards excellence in every attempt, ensuring quality services and client satisfaction at each step.

We, at JC Pathak Legal, the best law firm in Mumbai, offers our clients a productive approach in order to fulfil their business goals and strategic targets.  Our team of advisors, attorneys and lawyers works closely with each client to understand the practical aspects of the client’s business.  This helps us to analyze the client’s problems, and then come up with practical advice and solutions for them. 

Our firm has ranked among the top India law firms in Mumbai and across where every individual gets attention. The partners at JC Pathak Legal are all experienced and have expertise in the field of Indian Law. The Firm is a complete service law firm that works together and has long associations with their clients.


The ability of a firm is recognized by the quality of work it does. And the quality of work delivered or services rendered entirely depends on the expertise and experience. More the experience, higher is the quality of work and advice. A well-versed firm’s foremost emphasis is on the level of its attorney, solicitors and lawyers because they are the ones who are going to represent the firm. And a renowned firm can never compromise on the quality of the work delivered. So possessing strong legal acumen along with the diligence and commercial understanding are the must haves in the attorneys.

Mr. J.C. Pathak, the renowned and experienced lawyer in Mumbai, brought the firm into existence two decades ago. That was the time when corporate law firms in Mumbai were emerging with fast pace. It was the time when advocate Pathak recognized that economic reforms and liberalization would throw open several new doors of opportunities and expansion in the Indian economy and this would definitely in turn transform the landscape of Indian law practice.

The firm is known amongst the best law firm in Mumbai based on the integrity, efficiency of work and a high degree of partner involvement with the commitment of work. The Firm adheres to a philosophy of commitment towards its client’s satisfaction. Irrespective of the size of the transaction or litigation be, the client can get in touch with the partners and associates any time. They are available 24/7 for their clients. Every client enjoys a high level of personal service and attention and has privilege of discussing his or her problems with a Partner without any boundation.

Each and every attorney, advocates and solicitors are always updated with the new amendments taking place in the Indian and International law in order to serve the client with the latest updates. The high level of competence, immense experience and dedication towards work defines the success and growth of this firm. The prompt service with personal touch and accurate advice is the base of the reputation gained and maintained over the years. 


Located in the commercial and financial capital of India, Mumbai, JC Pathak Legal is a well-established law firm providing legal services in a unique way to their clients to solve their law related issues. The firm abides all its advice by the Indian law rules and regulations. We thrive to provide holistic, innovative, adaptable commercial solutions to our clients so as to deliver positive results in any transaction.

The firm was founded twenty years ago by advocate J.C. Pathak. The team of JC Pathak Legal comprises of qualified, experienced attorneys, solicitors and legal consultants with deep knowledge in their respective areas. The expertise in Corporate, Capital Funds, Investment and Intellectual property, Litigation etc. sets a firm apart from all the other firms.

At JC Pathak Legal it’s not just law that we offer, we consider your business as our business and then advice on the complex legal issues. This approach is taken in order to understand your business better. Our aim is to provide you with the best possible solution that helps you and your organization to achieve your business goals.

J.C. Pathak is known as the renowned legal consultant in Mumbai. With over twenty years of experience, advocate J.C. Pathak work closely with every client while legally planning solutions to their business.

The famous saying “The life of the law has not been logic, it has been experience” suits our firm very well. We differ from the traditional work culture usually seen among most of the Indian law firms. We are prompt, cost effective and innovative. At JC Pathak Legal a comprehensive range of legal services is provided to the client to solve their legal issues.

With the time, the legal profession is also continually evolving. Our law Firm strives to keep pace with new amendments, rules, laws being added in the Indian and International law. This helps us in solving client’s issues in a much better way and provide them with the best possible advice. Maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality and taking appropriate measures for data protection is our responsibility. We assure our clients about the protection of their data.


An entrenched and successful law firm, JC Pathak Legal was established twenty years before by Advocate JC Pathak. JC Pathak Legal is the renowned and most reputed law firm in Mumbai, offices situated in Virar and Vasai.

Advocate J.C. Pathak has a vast experience of more than twenty years in the law industry. The foundation of the firm was led by Mr. J.C. Pathak. The firm comprises of experienced, skilled and professional lawyers, attorneys and solicitors who are qualified, proficient and dedicated professionals towards their work.

JC Pathak Legal comprises of professional and qualified advocates in Virar who have extensive and rich experience in legal areas. The unique combination of experience and expertise have made JC Pathak Legal the most trust worthy advocates in Virar.

The commitment and dedication towards the work and service to be provided makes the client rely on them. Every individual at JC Pathak Legal is given attention whatever level of case it may be. This attention, responsiveness, commitment and expertise makes us different from all the other firms out there. The in-depth understanding of laws relating to Negotiable Instruments Act, Debts Recovery, the Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act, Banking and Financial Institutions, Consumer Protection, family/ matrimonial cases etc. makes it easy to assist the client’s case.

The first and foremost step at JC Pathak Legal is to understand the need and requirement of the client and then execute the plan accordingly. If required, the firm recruit, train and retain lawyers and staff of the highest capabilities and professionalism.

The team at JC Pathak Legal comprises of all trained and qualified lawyers and solicitors from National and International Universities who have vast, extensive and rich legal experience and wide national/international exposure in their relevant practice areas. Our expert understanding of Indian laws and regulations enable the firm to offer their clients a wide range of legal services from one place in Mumbai. Its work culture takes great pride in consistently adopting the highest international standards for clients’ satisfaction. The Firm’s foremost motive of “Client Satisfaction” is the pillar of JC Pathak Legal.


JC Pathak Legal is a complete legal service firm located at two offices in Mumbai – Virar and Vasai, providing high quality legal service over two decades. Our range of services in practice areas include Business & Trade, Corporate and M&A, Banking and Finance, Capital Markets, Insurance and Intellectual Property, Litigation and Dispute Resolution. Since the establishment of the firm, advocate J.C. Pathak along with their experienced and qualified team members and partners have been advising the Indian and International companies, government and private organisations and individuals as well on their challenging cases. JC Pathak Legal have vast experience in serving the national and International clients. The practice areas at JC Pathak Legal includes –

  • Litigation & Dispute Resolution
  • Corporate And M&A
  • Banking & Finance
  • Business & Trade Law
  • Capital Markets & Private Equity
  • Real Estate
  • Insurance
  • Intellectual Property

JC Pathak Legal is a top most law firm with India’s most trusted and reputed legal advisers who offer comprehensive counsel on a range of legal services. The experience of more than twenty years has lead JC Pathak Legal count among the top most advocates in Vasai. With diverse practice areas and expertise in multiple industry, JC Pathak Legal provides service for both domestic and multinational corporations, financial institutions, governments and public sector undertakings in India and across the globe.

The firm believes that their biggest strength is their team of lawyers, solicitors and attorney. The collective experience of their people and their diversified profile is the foremost reason of their success and growth. The deep understanding about the laws and regulations, the in-depth knowledge of regulatory and commercial risks and the subtle nuances that influence the underlying sectors is a key point that sets the firm apart. This key factor has enabled JC Pathak Legal to be known as the renowned advocates in Vasai.

The firm believes in nurturing teams with the required skills and cultivating sector-specific experience. Delivering excellent client servicing with an altogether different approach is what that sets the team of efficient and enthusiastic lawyers apart from all.

Why Selecting a Lawyer for Legal Battles is Important?

Handling everything on your own including settling a marital dispute, surviving the gruesome negotiation with the business partner or a client as well as drafting the contracts can be easy, but at the time of hearing in the court, a registered and expert lawyer is what everyone needs. At times, you may have to pay huge fees if you do not hire a lawyer making the process more expensive and at times lengthy. Many times the expense related to settlement process is way more than avoiding the issue. Hence, you need good advocates who can give you better advice and fight a case on your behalf if required.

Areas of Specialization

All the lawyers are usually specialized in one area or the other. An advocate can specialize in various areas such as criminal law, litigation law, taxation law, labor law, civil law or international law. These fields in law cover most of the legal cases. The immigration lawyers or litigation lawyers are very famous amongst the public. The advocates gain and apply knowledge by not just certificates they get during academics, but the real time cases that they handle now and then.

Personal Traits

Even new and inexperienced lawyers also get a lot of opportunities to get expertise in a particular field of law to make a place for them. New advocates are very enthusiastic, supportive, high-spirited and energetic. They develop a special attachment with their clients and do anything to win their trust. These youngsters try to be sure regarding every minute detail even if it does not matter. They cover every aspect of the case to ensure that there are no loopholes. And this helps them to win the trust of a client and hence, the customer is ready to pay for the case that is being taken care of by these youngsters.

The advocate you hire should have the personality and qualification as per your requirements. If you need a serious lawyer, you should go for an experienced and professional lawyer. These are the experts who are usually well aware of all the aspects of legal processes. And in case, you are looking for the know-their-job-well type of lawyer; then you should contact a senior, about to retire advocate. The lawyer is not interested in your comments in the case, and nothing says much, but they are well versed with the system and handling various cases is routine for them, just like changing clothes. But the kind of experience they have is immaculate. They increase your possibility to win the case by using various plans of action.

Different Kinds of Lawyers for Different Purposes

For people taking divorce, usually, undergo difficult times. Separating from a partner at times can be hard. So, you need a good, sympathetic and trustworthy lawyer. The lawyer should be empathetic and careful enough to help you fight the case without much of emotional harm. It is always better to take counseling from a legal counselor before filing a divorce case. It is worth a try and is necessary also. Once you find the best advocate suited to your requirement, the battle becomes easier, otherwise, can be a time-consuming and expensive task. If you are searching for a lawyer for divorce in Virar, then your search comes to an end with JC Pathak Advocates, they are one of the most experienced and sort out lawyers we have.

Nowadays, the divorces have become common among many people. Both the sides have their points. The viewpoint of many advocates and law-courts on the matter of divorce and alimony is not what you will expect. If you know the reality, you would not want to enter such a torrent.  Thus, finding a good alimony lawyer in Virar is also very crucial if you wish to seek a good settlement after the divorce. And JC Pathak Advocates makes sure you get what you are expecting!

The most important part is that the lawyer you are hiring should be trustworthy and empathetic. As there are many personal details and emotional feelings are involved. Hence the lawyer should be able to help you to go through the heartbreaking matter and without any doubts; JC Pathak Advocates will help you sail through it.

While getting in touch with the best family lawyer in Virar, be sure to keep certain things in mind. The lawyer who is taking your case should be expert in handling these kinds of issues. He should be well versed with all the legalities and formalities related to the task at hand. At times, it is tough to judge a lawyer, whether he can handle the case well or not. But always go for the best option by making a list and selecting the advocate as per your listed criteria. Below is the crucial information to support your judgment while hiring a good counselor or lawyer:

During the process of selecting a lawyer, you should know about the cases he has handled in past. Try and talk to his previous clients. Also, ask for suggestions from the friends and relatives. Individuals who have undergone the similar affair can prove to be very helpful. This is the time when you need great support from the close ones. Be calm and compose yourself for the harder times ahead.

In case, there is no way to know a reliable lawyer; you should find the right one on your own. You can search for a good lawyer on the internet and from the yellow pages. Note down the addresses and phone numbers of the selected advocates and look for the selection criteria, based on which you can contact these lawyers and interview them. Get a legal counselor who is local and whose office is easily approachable. When searching about JC Pathak Advocates, you will get to hear only positive feedback from their previous clients and can also read testimonials about them from the internet.

For the property related cases, such as selling or buying a flat or a house, or land dispute, search for a property lawyer in Virar. Many legal situations arise in the process of buying or selling a property or a plot. Most of the times, it is a good idea to take legal assistance that can save you from any loss. These experts help you with legal aids and support you at the time of decision-making. Sometimes we make the decision emotionally which may lead to the problems later. Therefore, it is always better to consult a professional.

Buying a house and selling a property are some of the most important matters in life. This is not a regular affair for many. Real estate market has seen many legal battles regarding disputes over properties. As they say, precaution is better than cure. Hence, you should be careful and well aware of the laws and legalities involved in the business. Do not let your money go into wrong hands by making risky investments. Thus, seeking help from a professional real estate lawyer and land lawyer in Virar shall always prove to be beneficial.

The criminal lawyer is an expert in handling criminal cases, while a corporate lawyer is a specialist in the business related issues. A criminal lawyer is popular for strategizing great defenses and irrespective of the crime; they defend their clients and earn huge money. On the other hand, the corporate lawyer manages all the legalities related to the business world. From making a business contract to writing terms and condition, from handling compliances to handling the regulatory matters are some of the jobs dealt by the corporate lawyers. Similarly, the contract lawyer manages the cases related to the contracts, breach of contract, agreements, disputes and other related issues. Though, all these three are different and play different roles but get in touch with JC Pathak Advocates to appoint an experienced criminal lawyer, contract lawyer and company lawyer in Virar.

They have a huge team of proficient lawyers that shall give you the best legal help in Virar that you need.