Advocate Jc Pathak Mumbai

JC Pathak Legal is a leading law firm in Mumbai Virar. JC Pathak Legal was established in 1996 by Advocate JC Pathak who is a BA LLB. JC Pathak can be located in Virar and Vasai. This is a law firm where all the services related to law are provided. Whether it is advising the companies on legal and financial matters of the infrastructure, banking, investment, manufacturing and marketing or providing legal services to corporate, government bodies and individuals across India in the fields of banking, insurance, corporate law, infrastructure, investment, intellectual property law & media laws, consumer protection, real estate, taxation and service laws.
Law firms in India are relatively small in size. A partnership firm can have maximum twenty partners as per the rules under The India’s Companies Act, 2013. The small-sized law firms have two to five partners maximum in their firm and approx. ten to thirty attorneys. Thus, when we are dealing with Indian lawyers, the abilities, potential and time constraints of the individual lawyer invested should be taken into consideration rather than the size of the firm.
The firm efficiently handles all civil and criminal issues across various legal forums including the Supreme Court of India, State High Courts, DRT, DRAT, BIFR, AAIFR, District Courts, Consumer Fora, and Arbitration etc. We at J.C. Pathak Legal strive towards excellence in every attempt, ensuring quality services and client satisfaction at each step.
We, at JC Pathak Legal, the best law firm in Mumbai, offers our clients a productive approach in order to fulfil their business goals and strategic targets. Our team of advisors, attorneys and lawyers works closely with each client to understand the practical aspects of the client’s business. This helps us to analyze the client’s problems, and then come up with practical advice and solutions for them.
Our firm has ranked among the top India law firms in Mumbai and across where every individual gets attention. The partners at JC Pathak Legal are all experienced and have expertise in the field of Indian Law. The Firm is a complete service law firm that works together and has long associations with their clients.

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