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Jan 20


  Located in the commercial and financial capital of India, Mumbai, JC Pathak Legal is a well-established law firm providing legal services in a unique way to their clients to solve their law related issues. The firm abides all its advice by the Indian law rules and regulations. We thrive to provide holistic, innovative, adaptable […]
Jan 20


  The ability of a firm is recognized by the quality of work it does. And the quality of work delivered or services rendered entirely depends on the expertise and experience. More the experience, higher is the quality of work and advice. A well-versed firm’s foremost emphasis is on the level of its attorney, solicitors […]
Jan 20

Best Advocate in Virar

  An entrenched and successful law firm, JC Pathak Legal was established twenty years before by Advocate JC Pathak. JC Pathak Legal is the renowned and most reputed law firm in Mumbai, offices situated in Virar and Vasai. Advocate J.C. Pathak has a vast experience of more than twenty years in the law industry. The […]
Nov 6

Advocate Jc Pathak Mumbai

JC Pathak Legal is a leading law firm in Mumbai Virar. JC Pathak Legal was established in 1996 by Advocate JC Pathak who is a BA LLB. JC Pathak can be located in Virar and Vasai. This is a law firm where all the services related to law are provided. Whether it is advising the […]