Advocate from Virar -Some key fields in which we offer Legal Expertise

Advocate from Virar -Some key fields in which we offer Legal Expertise

Advocate from Virar -Some key fields in which we offer Legal Expertise

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Advocate Virar

Indian Constitutional Law

The Indian Constitution is the supreme document when it comes to Law in India.

This document outlays the framework that defines the fundamental political

principles and establishes the structure, procedures, powers and duties of

governments, institutions and individuals. It also outlines the fundamental

rights, directive principles and duties of Indian citizens.

Criminal Law

We offer detailed legal advice in the Criminal Law arena. It is divided into three

major acts:

a. Indian Penal Code, 1860

b. Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973

c. Indian Evidence Act, 1872

Apart from these, special criminal laws can be and have also been passed by the

Indian Parliament like the Prevention of Corruption Act, Food Adulteration Act,

Dowry Prevention Act, and Commission of Sati Act etc. There are thousands of

minor laws, which can get you confused, but our advice will leave you completely


Indian Civil Law

Civil Codes are a systematic collection of laws that are aimed to comprehensively

deal with the core areas of private law. For instance, dealing with business and

negligence lawsuits and practices falls under this category.


We offer various forms of litigation advice like Criminal, Civil, Tort,

Environmental, Securities Violations, Arbitration and Mediation, Personal Injury,

property tax appeals, Condemnation, Construction Contracts, Product Liability


Family and Matrimonial Legal Advice and Assistance

Family matters can be stressful and depressing. Therefore, there legal aspects

need to be sorted out swiftly. We offer detailed assistance into matters of:

 Divorce

 Custody

 Visitation

 Equitable Distribution

 Adoption

 Separation

 Pre-nuptial Agreements

 Paternity

Real Estate

When it comes to property dealings, you need to take extra care of the legal

aspect. One single mistake can land you in trouble. That is why you should leave

the essentials into our hands. We offer assistance in

 Purchase and Sale of Commercial and Residential

 Title Disputes

 Foreclosures

 Easements

 Riparian Rights

 Mortgage Transactions

 Leases

 Zoning and Land use

 Environmental Permits

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